Honest is a concept. It is a way of life.

It is synonymous with style.
Born for the legalization of style!

"If it's cool ... it's Honest"

It represents everything that is fashion, art, beauty, music, events, innovation, information but also a meeting of ideas. Everyone puts their best in a reality that promotes and supports cannabis, capable of creating a new lifestyle.


Honest is a brand born in 2016 with the opening of the first

Honest shop in Desenzano del Garda. The Brand was designed and built by young people with the desire to grow professionally but without losing the desire to create innovative and positive projects for the Brand, but above all for the final consumer.

The history and objectives of Honest have always been told on social media but even before in real life, in direct contact with those who have always believed and supported the project. Honest has been present at fairs of all kinds, musical and artistic events, has contributed to the creation of the longest joint in the world with the Pigeon Party and once even arrived in Parliament.

Now Honest also has another store in Darfo Boario Terme and is constantly working to bring its vision across Italy.

There are too many things to tell about us. We invite you to look for us to follow us on social networks, in order to stay updated and why not, to be passionate about Honest and all the people who are part of it!


Agrichic La Guardola is the first wellness farm in the Lake Garda area, an exclusive farmhouse with suites, SPA in the garden, holistic activities, tastings of its wines. But the absolute novelty is the hemp wellness packages.

Cannabis Sativa (commonly called Hemp) is one of the oldest cultivated plants native to the Middle East. This plant has the following properties: analgesic, antibacterial, diuretic, emollient, tonic and sedative. The leaves, collected in specific periods before flowering, are a real cure-all for body and mind.

The products of Agrichic La Guardola derive from a 100% natural and Italian cultivation, hand-picked and selected and dried in a natural way to maintain the properties unaltered.

Passion besides professionalism. The farm "Le vie della canapa" was founded in Mantua in February 2015 by Lorenzo Bottani. Lorenzo, thanks to his great passion for the land and a strong desire to resume the traditions of the area, started this very important project in 2013: the revaluation of hemp.

In 2015 finally the first fruits: the cultivation of hemp has allowed Lorenzo to make himself known on the territory by people, "putting his face on it" trying to build a relationship of trust and transmission of agricultural and food values ​​from a nutraceutical point of view ..

In 2016 other farmers, interested and supporters of the ethics and great properties of hemp are involved, the project goes beyond the simple marketing of hemp products for food use such as pasta, biscuits, sweets, beer, oil and bread substitutes, but intends to make accessible an industrial reality of indigenous forms of the Mantuan territory.

The company philosophy is based on collaboration, in fact, the Le Vie della Canapa farm produces its own food following traditional methods and ensuring the highest quality products prepared by expert craftsmen who passionately make simple and nutritious products.

THAT'S ALL...???



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